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CYT 200

Prima B.

Prima B. is a certified yoga teacher 200 hour. She has been practicing yoga on and off since 2007 with an affinity for hatha, yin, slow flow, meditation and pranayama. Her passion as a teacher is to create a space where all bodies feel welcome and safe. She is the owner of Open Door Wellness ( and co-owner of Agape Agora ( Prima invites you to open the door and enjoy the journey within.

RYT 200, BSN, RN licensed in Florida and Wisconsin, Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Master, Sound Bowl Meditation

Mary Jo Casey

I became interested in yoga classes in 2015 dipping a toe into a variety of classes at studios in Wisconsin and Florida. It was a slow, gradual start and eventually I found my flexibility, strength and also noticed that my mood improved as I began practicing on a regular basis. My enthusiasm increased as I was introduced to yin, restorative, kundalini, slow flow, power….I love the variety. During the pandemic I broke my wrist while cycling home (crash!) from a yoga class. Depression set in as I thought my yoga and dream to pursue teacher training was over. Through fate I met a yoga therapist and worked with her to rehab my wrist. Happily, I had a full recovery. In 2022, I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training at Heartwood Yoga Institute in Bradenton, Florida with a group of 55 plus men and women from across the US, Canada and the Bahamas. What a wonderful experience to learn with a group of talented yogis where age doesn’t matter! During my classes I like to include a bit of anatomy/physiology of the muscles. With my nursing background, I enjoy knowing which muscles are working in particular poses and how it benefits my body. In my classes I hope to pass on this knowledge and my passion for yoga.

RYT 200

Kathryn Geib

Kathryn began her yoga journey many years ago in New Jersey. The fitness club where she played squash offered yoga so she gave it a try. It was love at first sight and the yoga joy has only deepened and grown ever since. In 2015, Kathryn took her yoga teacher training at Inspirit Yoga in Orlando and became a 200 RYT; the same year she was certified as a Chair Yoga instructor after studying with Sherry Zak-Morris; and in 2017 she became registered to teach Dr. Fishman’s Method of using yoga to build bone strength. Kathryn has been blessed to teach yoga classes since 2015 and has led guided meditations since 2013. Her classes focus on vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on connecting the yoga poses to the breath and uniting the mind, body and spirit. The deepest joy for Kathryn comes from helping others to bring stillness to their minds and happiness to their hearts. She offers this quote from the 8th Verse of the Tao Te Ching to inspire you: “One who lives in accordance with nature does not go against the way of things. She moves in harmony with the present moment, always knowing the truth of just what to do.” Developing our yoga practice provides a firm grounding for inner harmony, awareness of truth and the ability to live mindfully in the present moment. How wonderful!

RYT 200

Craig Pickos

Hi, I’m Craig and am very excited to belong to the Yoga Haven community. For me, success consists in the overcoming of difficulties. They are the signposts on my path. Seeking to deepen my spiritual connection and in search of healing, I discovered Yoga. Yoga has been transformational in bringing me a lightness of spirit, stillness of mind and a stronger flexible more balanced body. I am an old student of Vipassana meditation and completed 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in 2019. I believe that everyone has the ability to live a life that’s extraordinary and I am devoted to helping others create that through the practice of Yoga.

RYT 200

Shannon Potter

Shannon has been practicing and exploring yoga since 2017 and became certified in Thailand to teach in the spring of 2022. Yoga has changed her life for the better. Shannon teaches to share the practices she leans on during the good times and the challenging. She incorporates pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation at the end of most of her classes. When Shannon isn’t teaching, she plays with handstands and acro yoga, spins poi, enjoys spending time with her friends and family, loves to read, doodles sacred geometry, and travels the world.

RYT 200

Geri Ross

Growing up in the Midwest with a very active family we enjoyed both winter and summer sports. I’ve always believed movement is essential for good health and wellness. I incorporate that in my teaching style, with the hope that all my students leave a class feeling better than when they came to class, in many ways; feeling encouraged by their progress and empowered through their personal journey. My yoga journey began many years ago. I received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from YogaPointe in Lakeland, teaching there for several years before moving to Inside/Out. I have studied and attended many workshops and R & R retreats over the years at both Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and Omega Institute where I became certified to teach chair yoga, which is such a fun class to teach. I’m certified in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. My greatest fulfillment as a teacher is to embrace and impart many facets of yoga philosophy; my favorite being The Loving Kindness Metta Prayer starting with yourself and passing it to others: May I be safe, May I be happy, May be strong, May I be healthy, May I live with ease and joy in my heart, May I be filled with loving kindness.

RYT 200

Kat Finsterle

I started my journey with yoga around 2008 practicing in Orlando. From the very beginning, I loved the challenge of yoga and the positive benefits I felt in my body and mind. After practicing for over a decade, I decided to take my 200-hour YTT at Altamonte Springs Yoga with MyLinda Morales in the Iyengar (alignment focused) style. Unfortunately, right after I graduated from YTT, Covid restrictions hit and my teaching dreams were temporarily put on hold. I continued to practice, and as soon as things returned to normal, I was back in the studio. Fast forward to today and I am living in Winter Haven with an opportunity to teach at Yoga Haven! I have a background in teaching middle school and ESOL for adults, and I previously taught kids yoga grades 4-6. I like my classes to be energized and fun and I offer modifications for all body types and activity levels. I believe yoga is for everyone and I look forward to sharing my appreciation of this practice with you. Namast

RYT 200

Libya Pugh

Visionary, Actor, Educator, Vocalist, Theatre Director Libya is a Florida native and New York performing artist who was introduced to yoga over 25 years ago in grad school as a part of her curriculum and began integrating yoga into her actor training. Her enthusiasm for learning both on and off the mat encouraged her to receive a yoga 200 RYT certification in 2018 with Breathe for Change in New York City. She’s honored and amazed at witnessing such dedication, transformation and the life lessons that yoga offers beyond just physical exercise.

RYT 200

Trish Ahjel Roberts

Trish began her yoga journey in NYC in 2000 when she was pregnant with her daughter, Kayla. She received her Reiki certification in 2015, began teaching meditation in the Kadampa Buddhist tradition in 2016, earned her 200-hour teaching certification in 2019 from Sacred Chill West in Atlanta, GA, and obtained her yoga nidra certification from Kashi Atlanta in 2020. She is a certified life coach and founder of the Mind-Blowing Happiness™ coaching company and the Black Vegan Life™ event brand. Trish is also the bestselling author of four books including 12 Steps to Mind-Blowing Happiness, which was endorsed by Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, and Iyanla Vanzant. She speaks professionally on the topics of diversity, compassion, and happiness. Her mission is to provide a safe space for healing and growth for all her students. She enjoys teaching gentle yoga, yin, restorative, nidra, breathwork, and meditation. She has been featured on CBS46-TV in Atlanta, WBLS-FM New York, V103-FM Atlanta, and many media platforms. When she’s not coaching her clients, speaking at organizations, or teaching yoga, she enjoys long drives, hiking, practicing gratitude, staying in the moment, and hanging out with her dog, Cooper.

DC, CYT 500

Christine Bradstreet

Christine Bradstreet draws on a diverse background and expertise that converge seamlessly in the realms of holistic wellness and personal development. With a career spanning various fields, Christine has evolved into an influential figure as a retired chiropractor, author, 500-hour certified yoga teacher, life and health coach, and YouTuber. After dedicating years to helping individuals achieve optimal physical health as a chiropractor, her passion for holistic well-being deepened. She holds multiple certifications in coaching, yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, and spirituality. All her studies have strengthened her understanding of the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit. As an accomplished author, she’s written a book, Happy Ever After, as well as hundreds of articles for the publication, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”. Her writing guides readers toward a balanced and fulfilling life and seamlessly blends the wisdom of yoga philosophy with practical advice on health, mindfulness, and personal growth. Christine tailors her teaching approach to address the unique needs of each individual, fostering lasting transformations in physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. As a seasoned YouTuber, she shares valuable insights, practical tips, and guided practices to inspire and uplift her viewers. Through her online presence, Christine continues to build a community of like-minded individuals seeking a holistic approach to life. Her wealth of knowledge, coupled with a genuine passion for helping others, creates an environment where individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards a more balanced, mindful, and vibrant life. Whether on the mat, through coaching sessions, or in the digital space, Christine remains dedicated to empowering others to live their best lives.

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