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Yoga Haven is a high-quality, full-service yoga studio. It provides the complete yoga experience by offering classes in: asanas (postures) as expressed in many styles, meditation, pranayama (yogic breathwork) and the opportunity to learn the true Yoga teachings from ancient sacred scriptures. By offering the full complement of Yoga, each person has the opportunity to transform their life in extraordinary and positive ways.


Yoga Haven is a place to enjoy an uplifting class! Experience the essence of yoga from qualified teachers in our beautiful new studio which will brighten your mood the moment you walk in the door. Here, the yoga experience becomes transformative. Walk in feeling stressed or disconnected, take one of our classes and walk out feeling so much better.


Yoga Haven offers classes 7 days a week with over 18 classes each week. We believe you will find one or even many classes to suit you. Choose from a variety of classes such as Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Vin/Yin, Yoga for Pain Relief, Yoga for Osteoporosis, Yoga and Meditation, Restorative, 8 limbs yoga, Grit and Grace, New to Yoga, New to Vinyasa, Meditation and we even have Chair Yoga for seniors or people with physical challenges.

What do we do?

Yoga Haven offers these services at its beautiful new spacious studio located at 1511 6th Street SE in Winter Haven. It is centrally located, easy to reach with plenty of parking and in a desirable neighborhood.

Where does this happen?

Everyone! All ages, shapes, sizes, levels of ability and flexibility are welcome – You Belong Here! We offer over 18 classes each week and there is something for everyone. Our students are interested in improving their health, are open-minded enough to learn about the complete yoga experience and are courageous enough to allow the gentle growth and transformative nature of true Yoga to improve their lives.

Who do our classes benefit?

Yoga Haven is the real deal. This is not gym yoga or a minor offering at a fitness place. Attending classes at Yoga Haven offers students the opportunities that only a true full-fledged yoga studio can accomplish. We offer the complete high quality yoga experience. This is our students’ “feel good” place devoted solely to yoga - where they can safely blossom to find their full potential and perhaps find sides of themselves that they did not know existed. Students can learn to calm their minds; increase their physical strength, flexibility and overall health; and be accepted into a community of people seeking a healthy happy lifestyle. You Belong Here!

What makes us special?

About Us

So many different teachers – so many different classes – so many different styles! What brought us together? Our unifying goal is YOU. What we all have in common is our passion to help you feel better. We are here to help you be happy and healthy in every way -- in mind, body and spirit. You Belong Here!

Our Philosophy

To create a safe welcoming space. “You Belong Here.”


To increase the health and vitality of our students, both physically and spiritually.


To offer yoga in its full expression as much as possible; thus offering students yoga asana classes (physical poses), pranayama yogic breathing, meditation and exposure to the teachings of yogic sacred scripture.


As teachers, we commit to being:


+ friendly and helpful

+ compassionate and caring

+ sometimes funny!

+ present and authentic

+ sincere in our desire to help our students live a better life.



Love to All,


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