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Getting Started With Yoga

Our studio welcomes all yogis, from beginner to expert. Here are some helpful tips if you are just starting out with yoga.

What if I have never done yoga?

No experience is necessary. We are beginner friendly! Some people think that they have to be very flexible to take a yoga class. That is not so! Yoga is for all body shapes, sizes and levels of flexibility. Yoga teaches us to accept our bodies just the way they are with great gentleness and awareness. The body is a remarkable organism that is responsive. As your yoga practice develops over a period of time, the body will gradually become more open and receptive to the poses. Sometimes it takes patience, but the result is well worth it! We offer classes for people new to yoga and our instructors show modifications to help you, including the use of yoga props like bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets. With our gentle guidance you can feel safe and enjoy the practice of yoga and all the many benefits it brings!

What if I don’t have a yoga mat?

No worries, you can use one of ours. At some point, you will want your own mat for comfort reasons. We also supply all of the props you will need such as bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks which will enable you to get the most out of your yoga experience.

What should I wear and what should I bring?

Yoga pants and tops are fine, but you are also welcome to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. We have a beautiful water fountain in the studio, but it is always a good idea to bring your water bottle if you need it close to your mat.

Should I register online for a class?

Yes, please register for class online if possible. Of course, we are always happy to see you even if you have not pre-registered.

Can I eat a meal before class?

For most of us, eating before class leads to a very uncomfortable practice, especially when we bend over, twist or bend backward. It is best to allow 2 hours of no eating before class. But please do stay hydrated! If you have a fast metabolism and are concerned that you will lose energy during class, experiment with eating a small snack or drinking some juice before class. Your body will quickly let you know what is right for you!

What about my cell phone and Smart Watch?

Please remember to turn your phone to airplane or silent or leave it behind so that you and your classmates can fully enjoy the practice. When someone’s device rings or sends a notification, it can be embarrassing and disruptive to the class.

Can I bring my children to class?

From time to time, we offer children’s classes. Our classes are intended for adults, so they may not always be best suited for young minds and bodies. For our regularly scheduled classes, please follow these guidelines: children under 10 years old can take a class specifically for children; children from 10-13 years old can take a class with a parent if the instructor and management approve; and children 14-18 years old can take a class without their parent if the instructor believes that the child is physically and emotionally ready. The parent or legal guardian of every child under 18 years old must sign the Yoga Haven waiver on behalf of the child.

What is Auto-renew Pass?

Whether you practice every day or are a weekend warrior, these Class Passes are the most affordable way to pay for your classes. The Class Passes are designed to encourage students to practice yoga on a regular basis. That way, you will get the deeper benefits of yoga which can truly transform your life: more centered emotionally, a calm yet alert mind and increased physical vitality. The Auto-renew Passes are NOT a membership! There is no sign-up fee and you can cancel at any time by sending your request by email at least 7 days before your monthly renewal date to Includes unlimited access to all regular classes. Excludes special events and workshops. All payments are non-refundable.

Is Yoga a Religion?

Some people are concerned about Yoga being a religion. They fear that by taking up the practice of Yoga, they might undermine their own religious faith. Are their fears warranted? Is Yoga a religion? The quick answer to both questions is: instead of undermining one’s personal faith, Yoga can actually deepen it. Yoga is not a religion! It is a way of living with health and peace of mind.

Is it okay to practice Yoga with a bad back?

Talk to your Doctor first and get his or her approval for this type of activity. Yoga teaches us to honor our bodies and that means we stay aware of physical sensations and never move into pain. If anything hurts, then we must stop. Sometimes, it is best to start with the gentlest classes. Ask an instructor if you have questions or concerns.

Which classes are best for someone who has never done yoga?

We love people new to yoga, so we offer classes designed especially for you. These are: New to Yoga and New to Vinyasa. You may also find these classes very accessible: Yoga for Pain Relief, Restorative and Yin. Ancient Yogic writings teach us to always honor our bodies and never move into pain, so you can relax and do only what your body is offering during each class. Also, our instructors do their best to offer modifications so that you have the option to take a lighter approach in most classes.

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